Therapy for Children, Adults, & Families
    Mimi Ogasawara, MA, LMHC, IMH-E® (III)    Therapist in Renton, WA

“Life is like a treasure box. All you need to do is to find a key.”
                                                                                  10 y.o. girl

If you said yes to any of these questions, I believe that I can help you with these issues. I know that seeking therapy may be scary and difficult, but it can be a first step to solving issues and having more fulfilling life. I congratulate you on taking this first step. I truly believe that connecting with the right therapist to explore life issues, getting help for you and your family, and finding lasting solutions may be one of the greatest investments in yourself that you can make. Please e-mail me today at to discuss how I may be able to help!

Welcome! I hope that my website will help you learn more about me and the work I do. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Infant Mental Health Specialist. I practice psychotherapy in a private practice at a group practice setting in Renton. I specialize in working with children, adults, and families with a variety of issues and challenges.


Mimi Ogasawara, MA

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

​Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all the appointments will be done via telehealth (online/video conferencing or telephone) until further notice. I use the secure platform through Doxy. me for video-conferencing/ online counseling. Please call the office for more information. ** Currently not accepting new child/adolescent clients.** 

  • Are you stressed and overwhelmed with life stressors?

  • Are you struggling with depression and anxiety?

  • Are you having relationship problems with people who are close to you?

  • Have you experienced traumas and noticed that you are still affected by them and not able to move on?

  • Do you want more peace, relaxation, and satisfaction in your life?

  • Are you having a difficult time after a loss or a big transition in your life?

  • Is your baby fussy? Are you and you baby having a difficult time bonding with each other?

  • Are you concerned about your child’s emotional issues?  Is he or she sad, angry, worried, or anxious more often than usual?

  • Is your child acting out due to anger issues, ADHD, Opposite Defiant Disorder, or other behavioral problems?